Effective, Individualized Communications Training



Trainings tailored to your specific needs are engaging, relevant, and productive. 


Learn to identify what is already working and to consistently apply strengths to communication challenges.


In-training practice will help grow your confidence and familiarity with effective communication strategies.



All workshops are participatory and practice based. You will leave having already used your new skills so you’ll be ready to put them to use right away.


Because workshops focus on real situations and are practice based, participants will leave the workshop with a set of strategies and tools they can use now.


Included in the cost of registration, your workbook will be your place to get familiar with new concepts, make note of strategies that work for you, and will remain your go-to reference guide long after the workshop has ended.


No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in Lion’s Tooth will work with you to build a training tailored to your specific concerns.

*Not applicable for pre-scheduled public workshops.

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3 Keys to Better Communication

Utilizing best practices from the fields of psychology, social work, and communications, this three part model is the basis for all our trainings. A proprietary model you wont find anywhere else, this proven, simple, and effective system is designed to teach rapid rapport building, conflict de-escalation, increased self-awareness, and advanced listening and speaking techniques. 

Core Beliefs 

Everyone is capable of excellent communication

Conflict is not only inevitable, but often an opportunity for relationship building  

No one needs to be wrong for someone else to be right

Everyone has some great communication skills we just need to identify them and learn to use them more often

About Lion’s Tooth

I founded Lion’s Tooth because I believe that life is tough enough without poor communication. Whether your communication challenge is in your job or in your personal life, you can get your needs met through better communication. So many of our difficult conversations become adversarial, focused on who is right and who is wrong. What we are missing out on when we stop communicating and start trying to make someone else wrong, or close off and avoid the conflict all together, is an opportunity for stronger, more authentic relationships and greater ease and peace within ourselves.

I hold a masters degree in social work, a bachelors or art in social work and another in social science, and have taught this model to college students, executives, non-profit management teams, and everyday people wanting to improve the way they communicate. I have used the principals and skills I teach in workshops myself to communicate with my own employees, colleagues, irate customers and people facing some of the most challenging situations of their lives. I know this works because I have seen it work time and time again for my clients and I use it myself every day. If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me. I cannot wait to walk with you on your journey to great communication.